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Grants Office is a full-service provider of grant resources for public and private sector organizations. Our support is tailor-fit to meet the needs of your next grant application.

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Grants office is dedicated to helping districts access more of the funding that is available to schools.

We provide grants information, consultation, and support through the National Grants Support Program. Grants Office has a curated grants database with nearly 4,000 active grants, a team of experienced grants development consultants and seasoned grant writers, and the infrastructure to support all your district's grant development needs. Grants Office is a national grants development services firm with a 15-year track record of helping schools find and secure funding.

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We are experts in grants development. As researchers, community planners, and specialized writers, we are committed to reducing barriers to funding. Grants Office provides the information and services that help you achieve many of your professional and organizational goals. See what unlimited access to Grants Office services can do for you.

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Customized Grants Research

No time to research grant opportunities for your project? Let grants office do the research for you! After receiving a description of your project, we will turn around a funding report featuring opportunities from federal, state, and foundation sources. Whether for a single project or for multiple projects throughout the year, Grants Office is dedicated to helping you find alternative sources of funding to accomplish you project goals.

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Expert Project Consultation

Questions about a specific grant? Wondering if your project idea would fit the grant funder's priorities? Why not talk with one of our Grants Development Consultants? As an added bonus, any time Grants Office researches grant opportunities on your behalf, consultation is always included!

Unlimited Research

Proposal Development

New to grant writing or simply feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a grant proposal? Grants Office has a team of experienced writers at your disposal. Many of our writers have past success or been reviewers for education grant opportunities or both! Whether you're looking for an outside set of eyes to edit your proposal or you'd like full proposal development assistance, you can benefit from our team's in depth knowledge of what makes a strong proposal narrative.


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