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Grants Office provides research and consultation support through two forms: An a la cart project-by-project basis for $695 and an unlimited support program for as many projects as you have ideas throughout the year. The a la cart program includes research and one consultative session based on our findings for one project. Whereas the unlimited program not only offers unlimited research and consultation, but also cursory reviews of proposals you draft and 25% off proposals we write on your behalf. Please see the table titled "Unlimited Support Pricing" for costs associated with the unlimited program.*

A la Carte Services
Unlimited Services
1 customized funding report based on your project
1 consultative call to follow-up your customized funding report
Self-search for grant information through Grants Office's Upstream database
Unlimited funding reports (research for each of your project areas)
Unlimited consultative calls and email support for your projects and specific grant related questions
Cursory review of your self-written grant proposal draft
25% Discount off of Grants Office's Full Proposal Development Service
Email alerts for your favorite grant opportunities through Upstream's Watch List function
Invitations to grant-focused webinars

Does your district have an education foundation who would also like to utilize our services? Through the unlimited support program any authorized employee of your district or school and its affiliated local education foundation can request support! This additional level of support is only available to districts or schools with unlimited services.

Regardless of level of support, after receiving information about your project, Grants Office will turn around to you a customized funding report of grant opportunities within 7 to 10 business days. This report will feature, not only tips for pursuing grant funding, but also summary information of various federal, state, and foundation opportunities that may be helpful towards funding your project goals.

*Unlimited Support Pricing

 Fees are based on a July 1st-June 30th fiscal year.  The annual cost for this service will be prorated based on the start date, with a new annual cycle beginning June 1st.   You will have the opportunity to renew any or all services for the following program year, however, rates may be subjected to change.

Total Students
Annual Cost
<2,500 $2,900
2,500-5,000 $4,600
5,001-10,000 $7,100
10,001-20,000 $14,200
>20,000 $18,900

Fees for proposal development are based on the complexity of the grant application and the anticipated level of effort required to develop a compliant proposal. If you are interested in utilizing proposal development support through the program we recommend allocating $1,500 - $5,500 for each proposal you anticipate requesting grants Office to develop on your behalf. Unlimited support subscribers will receive a 25% discount off of any fees associated with Grants Office written proposals.